Welcome to Solina Beach and Nature Resort

The first and only premium beachfront accommodation in Carles Town, Northern Iloilo, the jump-off point to the beautiful tourism destinations Gigantes Group of Islands and Sicogon Island.

Who Are We?

Your Gateway to a Great Gigantes Getaway

Solina brings together world-class accommodation and luxurious amenities to complement your rejuvenating Gigantes islandhopping escapade.

Measuring 7.8 hectares big, Solina has 8 duplex villas totaling to 16 rooms, 8 pods good for two persons each, and 25 cabin tents that can accommodate couples and small groups of four to six.

A conjunction of the names Lina and Solis, Solina is the brainchild of the owner who hails from Carles. Aside from helping promote the Gigantes Group of Islands, Solina also aims to leave a mark on the community. With the goal of providing job opportunities to the locals for community development, Solina employs about 50 employees, 85% of which are purely Carlesanons.

Solina is easily and conveniently accessible from Metro Manila and other major provinces in the Philippines:


Fly from Manila or Cebu to Roxas City Domestic Airport; or from Manila, Cebu, Davao, or Palawan to Iloilo International Airport in roughly less than an hour.


From Roxas City: Roxas Airport/City to Solina Resort is 1 hour and 30mns
travel time .

From Iloilo City: Iloilo Airport/City to Solina Resort is 3 hours travel time

Solina Beach and Nature Resort

Solina Beach and Nature Resort Infinity Pool

Our lifestyle amenities are designed for your enjoyment and relaxation. These include one stylish swimming pool, jacuzzi, and kiddie pool. We have a full-service poolside  restaurant called Angga serving Filipino and International dishes for every budget type, and a beachside tower bar with a commanding view deck called Dayon, where guests can order sumptuous grilled seafood dishes and other delicacies and alcoholic beverages. We have free bike rentals for guests and our private beach is available for leisure.

Gigantes Islands Day Tour

Take a rejuvenating vacation like no other, and experience the unparalleled beauty of nearby Gigantes Group of Islands with our seamless and fun-inducing islandhopping tours. Accessible by boat by roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes from Bancal Port, the Gigantes Group of Islands features irresistible white sand beaches and majestic limestone formations that will surely leave you in awe of nature’s splendor.

The breathtaking Gigantes Group of Islands consists of about 10 islands; the two largest islands are called Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur. The most noteworthy islandhopping destinations in this remarkable group of islands are Cabugao Gamay Island, Antonia Beach, Tangke Saltwater Lagoon, Bantigue Island Sandbar, and Pulupandan Islet — all of which are included in our islandhopping day tour packages. Gigantes Islands is famous for the one-peso scallops and the shoe-shaped shellfish called wasay-wasay (ax-ax) found in great abundance in the seas of Gigantes. Book a tour with us and sample these mouthwatering seafood delights!

View Our Comfortable Premium Rooms

Solina has three types of accommodation perfect for two to five persons. Each room at Solina is air-conditioned, has a private comfort room with hot and cold shower, complete vanity and toiletry kits, and face and body towels.

Solina Beach and Nature Resort Villas

Solina has 8 duplex villas totaling to 16 rooms. Each villa comes with a mini bar, a widescreen LED TV, a kitchenette, and a spacious balcony with either a pool or sea view. This is the most high-end type of accommodation in Solina.

Solina Beach and Nature Resort Pods

Solina has 8 pods good for two persons (twin sharing). Each pod measures 25 square meters big with a balcony that comes with a dinette. All pods come with a widescreen LED TV.

Solina Beach and Nature Resort Cabin Tent

Solina has 25 cabin tents that can fit 2 persons up to a maximum of “5”. This type of room gives travellers a glamping alternative with 20 and 32 square meter space. All cabin tents come with a widescreen LED TV.